Utah Coalition for Protecting Childhood (UCPC)
Strategy 1

Strategy 1: Strengthen economic supports to families

Approach 1 - Improve utilization of existing governmental supports for those who qualify.

  • Increase the number of eligible families receiving available tax credits and childcare subsidies.
    • Conduct social media and outreach campaigns to increase awareness and uptake of the state and federal earned income tax credit (EITC), the federal and state child tax credit (CTC), and childcare subsidies available through the Department of Workforce Services.
    • Increase awareness among child/family serving organizations of the benefits of federal and state supports such as tax credits and childcare subsidies, to help the families they serve access these important determinants of economic stability.
  • Assess Utah-specific policy opportunities to provide support to families in need of support.
    • Provide data and education to partners, policymakers, and legislators on the benefit of implementing policies that will increase the number of families benefiting from the state or federal EITC.
    • Educate legislators on the importance of making the new Utah state EITC and CTC refundable, ensuring increased economic stability for families with children.

Approach 2 - Improve access and uptake of family-friendly workplace policies.

  • Increase implementation of family-friendly workplace policies across Utah.
    • Promote the findings from Utah's statewide assessment of working parents about their family-friendly workplace policy preferences.
    • Use data from the statewide assessment to provide outreach and education to business leaders, policymakers, and legislators on the benefits of implementing policies that afford employees more flexibility.

Key strategy partners

Tax Help Utah

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University of Utah’s Connect to Collect

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Department of Workforce Services

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Voices for Utah Children

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Utah Community Builders

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United Ways of Utah - 211 Parenting Resources (Concrete Support)

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Data to guide efforts

These strategies align with strategies/recommendations of the following agencies’ plans:

VIPP: "Improve the socioeconomic conditions for Utahns."

IGP: "Increase uptake in the federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Implement policies to support non-custodial parents."

DHHS: "Implement prevention and early intervention strategies to reduce risk, trauma, and intergenerational cycles of isolation and suffering."

OUR: "Encourage businesses to implement family-friendly and inclusive policies."

VIPP: Violence and Injury Prevention Program at the Utah Department of Health.
IGP: Intergenerational Poverty Commission at the Department of Workforce Services. 
DHHS: Department of Health and Human Services. 
OUR: One Utah Roadmap.

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